Friday, July 07, 2006

This week...

Well, this week was strange because almost everybody is on vacations. Quiet and relaxed atmosphere for this side. I also was encouraged by my adviser to review one paper submitted to a conference. It’s an interesting work I’d say, because one has to read carefully and detect errors, and of course look in the net to see whether it’s a contribution what they say.

I have also planned my summer vacations. I’m going to Spain, a couple of days to Barcelona, 2 or 3 to Murcia and 10 to Granada. I have everything almost ready, just some (minor) details to adjust. This weekend is July the 9th, our independence day. We will meet with a group of Argentinean at Gustavo’s house to have a barbecue, and then watch the final match of the World Cup (it would have been nice to be in Berlin supporting Argentina... snif snif)

One thing before finishing the post. Natalia from Tucumán and her husband were to Leipzug to the stadium as spectator of Argentina – Mexico. She wrote a report and it was published in La Gaceta, one of the newspaper of Tucumán. Here is the article:

Cheers to everybody

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Gonzalo said...

ojalá que llueva? ;)
ahora si vas a poder decir que viste algo, o algo así (quien no a visto granada, no vio nada) ¿vale ver esa ciudad por el google earth? sacá foto y mandá fruta