Monday, December 11, 2006

Rush last two weeks...

Dear readers,

These days I have been disappeared because these last two weeks were very rushed. In a few words, I prepared a review report which requires to much effort by reading, searching and deducting many things, because of your evaluation mainly depends whether a paper will be or not accepted to a conference. In the meantime I was also working with Mehmet on some results we want to publish... Unafortunately, I didn't have enough time to discuss and think about, but in the end something is working out of all, of course, and being honest, due to the main work of Mehmet.

Moreover, I receive the almost-surprise visit of two relatives of mine from Barcelona. I took three days off and we visited some places in The Netherlands, like Eindhoven, Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. We weren't so lucky with the weather, it was rainy and too windy, but in the end, we spent a very nice time, and I took the dosis of familiar warm we all need. They stayed here for just three days, and I hope somebody else can come soon ;)

To finish, in these days I was preparing my luggage, and packing everything, with the painful task of find a suitable gift for all relatives and friends. I'm sorry if they feel disappointed as they will, but I did my best, and don't wait much from me, it is difficult to make everytbody happy with only 15 kilos of allowed baggage...

If all works fine, I will be next weekend at home again, after exactly 11 months abroad... 11 months, what a lot of time!

La traducción al castellano queda sin hacer, es que de verdad estoy a las apuradas... además, convengamos, no es dificil leer lo que escribo :D Aunque no hay comentarios en inglés después de todo... en fin, que sea para seguir practicando mi aún rudimentario inglés. Saludos.