Sunday, August 12, 2007

A strange star

I was with a friend at home watching the supposed star shower this weekend from my balcony. The sky was totally clear, very unusual. While trying to see any star falling in the sky we have this conversation:

-Look at this moving star
-Where?, I cannot see anything
-There, it is like a big plane, do you see it?
-There (I point to it)
-Ah, yeah, it is big, it could be a satellite
-I don't know, it is too big and it is not a plane because it doesn't have blinking lights
-Maybe it is a plane, but anyway it is so big, eh?
-I don't think it is a satellite, for me satellites are fixed from our view
-No, it depends in which orbit they are.

And we watch this light moving from west to east. As he is a bit fun of all this stuff, he checked the visible astronomical events at And this was the ISS, namely the International Space Station. So, we saw the ISS, and now I was laughing for all the conclusions we were drawing.

BTW, this web page is very interesting. It says where and when watch all this satellites and flying stuff. Very interesting, now I'll regularly check to see the Irradium satellites which reflect the sunshine at only one point, like a flash. Although I think it is very unlikely to happen: the satellite must pass along Eindhoven and more importantly, the sky must be clear... But to all curious guys, register at heavens-above and tell me what you can see in other places with better visibility...

Update (14/8): As it couldn't be otherwise, the sky was covered to watch the stars shower. See report from Expatica


Gonzalo said...

Tiene relativamente poco que ver, pero no dejo pasar un día sin entrar a ver la foto diaria de la nasa

pd: lo que está arriba del link, lo escribí mientras cargaba... después de leer la explicación, tiene bastante que ver

Adrian said...

Copado! La EEI! En fin, supongo que es un poco mas grande que un satelite convencional, pero calculo que no te imaginabas que era eso lo que estabas viendo. Habra que ver si se digna a pasar por aca que teoricamente tenemos mejor visibiliadad...