Monday, August 06, 2007

"Él" Verano = "The" summer

Yeah, finally summery weather. This has been one out of a few weekends (actually 2 or maybe 3) with a really good weather to hang out and do just nothing. This time, as it couldn't be otherwise, I manage to do something. This is one email I sent over to some friends, after my proposal to do something and having got an offer from couple of friends.

Hi everybody!

I haven't received any confirmation from you about going to the beach as I individually told you. I'm going to, together with a couple of friends. They suggested to go to Vrowenpolder, it's close to Middelburg very to the south-west of The Netherlands. The trip by train is about 2 hours 'cause of bad connections :( But the sea water seems to be a bit warmer than the rest of beaches, it's more to the south that the most famous ones and closer to the Caribbean :)

So, there are various alternatives to reach there. The easiest is by car, but we don't have enough room to get there by car :( and surely there will be plenty of traffic jams on the way.

The next (for lazy people) it's to go all the way by public transport: train to Vlissingen, and then bus to the beach. We have to be careful with this alternative as this latter bus runs every 2 hours! Check for schedules.

The one that I prefer is to go by train to Middelburg, and from there go by bike to the beach. It is a short ride of about 10 kms to Vrowenpolder.

Once there, the plan is do nothing, just lie on the sand, take some sunshine to get some sun tan color! You can bring playing cards, or any other entertainment that doesn't require too much concentration. I'll bring some mate (Argentine tea), cookies and snacks. Afterwards, we can find a place to have dinner if you want, or bring our sandwiches to the very Dutch style :) And that's essentially the plan.

One thing I'll ask you is to confirm who are joining me. In case nobody comes, I can go by car with my friends (the laziest way :P), and I have to wake up early (we leave at 9am!!). So please, let me know asap. Any other suggestions are welcome, you can invite friends, and people that want to enjoy the seemingly last summery weekend of this season in the low countries :'(

Keep in touch, and greetings to all of you.

And with Natalia-tuc, Pepijn, Gustavo and Colina we went to Vrowenpolder, very to the south-west in The Netherlands. Temperatures soaring around 30°C, very mild water (not cold at all I should say), and not too many people as it happened in the traditional beaches. The drawback: the traffic jams, but despite this, we manage to find conversation topics, a good radio to listen to, and now, I'm creaming my skin after too much sunshine :)

PS. I cannot find pictures from yesterday's other beaches. They were extremely crowded!

Update (9/8): Pics available at my photoblog ;)

Another update: the good weather lasted only that very weekend and it couldn't be otherwise. It's really depressing, too depressing indeed. Some links on news about it


Anonymous said...

Hola JA, como estás? Por lo que se ve en las fotos y por lo que pude leer en la carta que publicaste, pasándola mal con tus amigos... no? Me dió un poco de envidia verte en la playa tomando mate tan tranqui, acá los días no mejoran, hoy cambió de nuevo la temperatura y se puso frío y ventoso. Besos. GABY

Gonzalo said...

te odio... y mas que odiarte a vos odio el maldito frío del demonio. Ya me tiene repodrido

Anonymous said...

Hola, Jose, que diferencia entre el fin de semna pasado y este....Gonzalo: no nos envidies: ahora esta horrible: llueve y llueve. En pasamos muy lindo en Vrouwenpolder. Naty-tucu

Gonzalo said...

y creo que odio la lluvia mas que el frío... en fin son demasiados odios, debería clasificarlos :D

José Villegas said...

Natalia tiene razón: ese fue el único finde realmente parecido a uno de verano. Luego llovió, llovió y llovió. Este finde estuvo más o menos, pero a la tarde, adivinen: sí, llovió.