Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cycling tour

In our daily chats at the university during lunch, the idea of doing a cycling tour came up a couple of weeks ago. We started exchanging some emails and putting ideas on where, when we could go, etc. This is the final email from Jan telling all details of it:

Dear all,

Over lunch we've discussed the plans for a bicycle tour this Sunday.
We settled on a tour along the "Malpie" heath to the south of Eindhoven.
Bring your own lunch, which we will have somewhere along the route.

date: 26 August
time: we leave at _exactly_ 11:00 from ******* (my address),
where you can have coffee between 10:00 and 11:00.

If you join but haven't confirmed so (neither orally nor by e-mail),
then please mail or tell me. If you'd like to include others in this
invitation, please forward this mail to them.

Address: find "********" on
it's in a black flat (one of four) called "Zomer"
(guess the other names :-)
phone: 040-########
cell phone: 06-########

Rianne, should we pick you up in Waalre?



And so did we. Let me tell you that the weather was kind of good (heavy fog in the morning, mostly clouded in the afternoon, temperatures averaging 20°C), the path we followed was very nice (some forests and heaths) and very nice routes.

We did some stops, just to drink some liquid and continue, one stop for having lunch and very in the end of the trip, we ended up into the Fiets Café near Aalst.

We enjoyed ourselves and a promise that we will do a new cycling tour in the future has been widely accepted. Of course, we will regret a bit tomorrow, as we will notice some pain after cycling about 57km...

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