Friday, March 28, 2008

A "round" trip

Last weekend was Easter and almost everybody over here, we fled away. With Rogelio, Ángela and Paty, some friends, we went a tour to nearby cities in Germany, France and Luxembourg.

Our first stop was in Frankfurt, what a beautiful combination of modernism and the very ancient style. Of course, we didn't leave without tried the very well-known Frankfurt sausages.

We continued on to Heidelberg which is just the nicest city I have ever visited. A very nice downtown area, combined with some hills, plus the snow that accompanied us all the way along our trip.

That was time to cross the border and go to a most Latin country, finally, after a long time I was missing it. We stayed in Nancy, and before passed by Metz. We liked a lot the main square, and ate a very nice fondue! The morning after, a nice and huge breakfast at the Excelsior brought to my memories those days I went to have breakfast to a bar in Argentina. The same coffee, the same croissants and the very same pistolets with jam and butter.

After that, we wandered through Luxembourg, a very nice combination of a modern city and at the same time a very small village. Impressed of the only 3% VAT, cheap gasoline and smaller than we thought, we suddenly ended up in Belgium, after queuing for filling the car's tank.

The night felt, and the snow as well. In Ardenes region the snow accumulated over the pavement in the highway was a few centimeters thick (±10cm I'd say).

A common factor in the trip was that we visited all churches we could, and we were amazed with all of them.

We all agree that we enjoyed ourselves a lot, and I hope we can repeat the experience of traveling soon!

Note: I owe pictures of the latest places we visited, I'm awaiting my friend to submit them. Hurry up!


Gonzalo said...

I hate you, de onda claro

Adrian said...

siento una extraña mezcla entre alegria (por vos) y envidia. Aunque creo que la envidia va ganando comodamente :p
En fin, la proxima anda para Suecia, Noruega y Finlandia (ahora que se les viene el veranito) Dicen que es MUY lindo
Ah, Luxemburgo es un lugar que quiero conocer, me da la impresion de que esos viven en una burbuja completamente alejada de la realidad del mundo. Debe ser confortable

Angel Gris said...

Si querés ver gente que vive dentro de una burbuja no hace falta que te vayas tan lejos. Alquilate un chalecito en Puerto Madero y al caminar por la calle vas a escuchar comentarios como "Yo entiendo que hay pobreza en la Argentina, pero no hace falta mostrarla" ó "Nosotros somos personas trabajadoras, como ellos, sólo que sabemos administrar lo que ganamos" (comentarios escuchados en televisión cuando los de CQC le preguntaron a personas de Puerto Madero cómo veía el problema de la pobreza en nuestro país)