Monday, July 20, 2009

Pro photography, an initial attempt

Recently, I started being a bit more involved with the subject of professional photography. Even though I reckon that I'm very far to getting there, I have to ever start.

A few weeks ago we bought a new DSLR camera (aka big cameras looking like the professional ones) Nikon D5000 with a AF-S VR 18/105 lens. I must admit once more that I'm still getting to know all the meanings of all the abbreviations and what is their role when taking a picture...

So let me start with one of my first shots.

This picture was taken with the afore-mentioned beast, and post-processed with GIMP 2.6 on my desktop computer running Ubuntu. It was at a barbecue last weekend. Looks good, although it could have been better :)


Gonzalo said...

para ser el primer intento, tengo que decirte que se te da muy bien eso de la suerte de principiante!

A ver con que nos sorprendés en las siguientes :)

Gonzalo said...

pd: nadie me avisó así que recién me acuerdo (cualquiera que me conozca sabe que no soy bueno para recordar cosas),
feliz cumpleaños por retrasado (¿era el 15?)

Angel Gris said...

Muy bien la foto, ¿qué tal estaba el asado?

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