Saturday, November 29, 2008

6 months

Today it is 6 months since I started dating Iulia.

In this 6 months were quite challenging for us, we have lived brand-new experiences for the two of us: knowing that each thinks of each other at the same time, sharing unlimited time talking about each other, planning our future, helping each other with the weakness and celebrating achievements of each other. There were difficult times as well, specially when we have been away from each other for long (and seemingly endless) periods. We're learning to be one entity with two parties.

My life is changing, and I do suspect where we're gonna get, and I'm gonna do my best to make you happy, to be together, and to love you a lot, my sweetie.

PS: The real gift is in my old backpack :)


Anonymous said...

que lindos estan en la foto....!!!
six month already!!!wowww.....

Anonymous said...

Te felicito José!!! se te ve muy pero muy felíz!!! espero verte por estos pagos aunque ya se que ta vas de visita pa lo de tus suegros.
Muchos cariños y saludos a tu bella novia.
Laura (la reina)

Angel Gris said...

Congratulations José. I know you resigned our end of the year's dinner to meet her parents... but I'm not jealous (Gonzalo is).
Nice holidays for you and Lulia.

Federico Zitelli said...

Felicitaciones, por otros seis... meses, años,... decadas?.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! six months is a lot of time.... I hope you the best for you and Iulia. I hope you can travel to Argentina as soon as posible for us to know Iulia. Kisses. I love you two. GABY

Anonymous said...

As we say in Russia, "Later is better than never" :-) So let me congratulate you my friend!!! :-) I wish you a lot of happiness together in your new life!
Andrey Sidorenko