Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas break in Romania

Last Christmas were the most special ones ever, as I went to visit Iulia's paradise(1). We stay all days but one in Braşov, the first day in Bucureşti. At this opportunity I have the chance to meet her parents, with the seriousness that this implies. Also, I met her friends who were constantly asking for us, taking to different places, and enjoying with us our stay.

For me it was the chance to experience both a real winter and a real Christmas, like the ones we see in the movies, or in the Christmas postal we get during this time of the year. The temps were on average around -8°C, with peaks down to -20°C. I have to admit that at the beginning I was quite frightened with such a cold, but slowly I got used to it, wearing underpants, gloves and the unmissable scarf. We did some winter sports, like skiing(2) and going down the hill with slay.

I also tried everything from the Romanian cuisine, honors go to Iulia's mom who delighted us with very delicious dishes. Someone asked me to enumerate the things I don't like and there is only one: one kind of cheese that tastes as butter milk. The rest is excellent.

It's difficult to explain everything that happened in a few lines, it was a very nice time for us of joy and discovering for me. I leave a link to a photolog I made while I was in the trip. You'll have a chance to see a little bit by yourself.

(1) This is the name given to Braşov by Iulia.
(2) To be honest, I barely managed to get skies on and off, and turn around me. It's not as easy as it seems.


Gonzalo said...

-20ºC brrrrrr...
yo lo mas bajo que estuve fue -6ºC el invierno de 2007... y he puteado al frío... en fin, supongo que después de -10º ya te da igual y no importa?

Gonzalo said...

y sobre la esquiada... me hace acordar a cuando fui a bariloche: mis $30 (recordar que son $30 de 1999 cuando mi ingreso mensual era (cuando ganaba muchísima plata), $50) peor gastados.
¿No tienen culipatín en rumania?, es una especie de pala, pero sin mango y con una especie de pendorcho para agarrarte (tenía algunas compañeras que manejaban re bien sin las manos...), eso se aprende mas rápido, agarrás buena velocidad y te cagás de risa

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